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Norwex Enviro Products
2010 Product Guide
And Pricelist
Improving Quality of Life

Microfiber Cloths and Mop Systems


• Wet to remove 99.9% of bacteria from surfaces
• Use dry to dust
• The silver embedded in the fabric will kill bacteria left in the cloth after quick hand washing and rinsing
• Use on any surface using only water
• Superior cleaning power for every room in your house Stain remover from clothing and carpets – spray stain with water and rub
• Use on walls, floors vehicles, electronics, toys, tools, shoes, appliances, counters, sinks, tubs, showers, toilets, and more!!!

WINDOW CLOTH (smooth shiny cloth) $16.99

• Use Dry for polishing
• Clean grime from glass for a streak free shine
• Spray water on surface and wipe dry
• For soiled surfaces, use a damp enviro cloth first, followed with a dry window cloth
• Use on crystal, glass, chrome, silver, jewelry, porcelain, stainless, black furniture and other shiny surfaces


• Superior clean on all bathroom surfaces using only water
• Remove soap scum from tubs, shower doors & sinks
• Scrub cloth on one side and microfiber with sponge on the other for maximum cleaning performance
• Can be used with Norwex cleaning paste or descaler


• Use in warm soapy water, gently lifts dirt and washes away grime on all exterior car surfaces
• Chenille microfiber on one side and microfiber with sponge on the other for maximum absorbency & cleaning


• Use wet for wiping counters, fridges, stovetops and everyday kitchen spills.
• The silver embedded in the fabric will kill bacteria left in the cloth after quick hand washing and rinsing

• Use dry for dusting or wet for washing car, walls etc.
• Dust surfaces, blinds, furniture, plants, ornaments, pictures, electronics, lamps etc. with ease
SUPERIOR Mop Packages Mini $94.99 Large $107.99
• Includes: telescopic handle, swiveling mop base,
Dry Mop pad & Antibacterial Wet Mop Pad
• Mop around the edges of room towards center using a figure 8 motion - will preserve hardwood and laminate
• Use on floors, walls, windows
Yellow Dry Mop
• Collects fine dust particles and pet hair
Blue Antibacterial Wet Mop Pad
• Dampen Mop and wring dry or spray with water
• Mop floor, spraying surface with water if required
• For tough spots, place pressure with your foot on the mop base as you are cleaning the area
• Rinse and continue as required for large areas
• The silver embedded in the fabric will kill any bacteria left in the mop after quick hand washing and rinsing
• Snaps onto mop base to hold window or car cloth for cleaning hard to reach windows
• Remove dust, lint and hair from dry mop after use
• Remove dust and animal hair from carpets, vehicle upholstery and furniture
• To clean, pull hair from bristles, or rinse under water

Home Cleaning Essential

SANIRA SYSTEM (1 year) $45.99
Refill (1 year) $14.99

• Quick and easy toilet cleaner - Non-toxic, non-corrosive, environmentally friendly
• No cavities in brush where bacteria can thrive
• Cleaning solution lasts for 150 cleanings
• Clip top off of the bag and push the brush into container to release the disinfectant into brush
• Can be used as a household disinfectant by diluting 3 parts water to 1 part Sanira
Acid & Poison Free  non caustic  no harsh fumes
• Helps to eliminate sluggish drains and odour
• Remove standing liquid from the drain
• Add 1 to 2 scoops in drain, then add 4 oz warm water
• Allow to work for 2 to 4 hours before using drain again
• Great for RV’s, garbage disposals and septic systems
• Removes lime – use regularly to prevent build-up Spray on, let stand for 3 min, then wipe off with a damp enviro cloth and rinse with water
• Use on bathtubs and shower doors etc.
• Cleans, polishes and protects in one application
• Rub on with a damp Enviro or Kitchen scrub cloth & rinse with water, polish with the window cloth if desired
• Great for sinks; flat top stoves, porcelain, tiles, enamel, chrome and similar surfaces – will remove rust, soap scum, lime etc., do not use on soft metal surfaces
• Removes protein based stains and odours
• Leave no residue that attracts new contaminates – keeps working for hours after cleaning
• Spray solution on stain, rub gently with enviro cloth

• Eliminates organic odours
• Spray heavily over entire surface where odour is present - allow time to dry – reapply as needed
• Use in shoes, sports equipment, hockey bags, helmets or anywhere sweat odour exists


• Eliminates organic odours
• Dilute 7 parts water to 1 part Odour Eliminator
• Mix with laundry or cleaning water for a fresh scent
• Use in toilets, washrooms, on furniture, vehicles, litter boxes, garbage cans

• Eliminates organic waste - skin cells, dust mites etc.
• Use on duvets, pillows, mattress, carpet, upholstery
• 12 sprays for a queen mattress – 6 sprays for a single mattress - Use every 2-4months
• Not for use on plastic coated crib mattresses


Biodegradable  allergen free  non toxic
• Penetrates, dissolves and eliminates fabric stains
• Spray until stain is saturated, rub gently into stained area
• Wait 1 to 5 minutes depending on severity of stain, launder as per fabric instructions
• Really tough stains may require more than 1 application.

Biodegradable  no fillers
• Washes 160 loads of laundry in Top Load (use 1 tbsp)
• Washes 320 loads with magnet ball
• Washes over 900 loads in HE machine or Front Load
(1/4 tsp to 1/2 tsp)

DRYER BALLS (set of 2) $18.99

• Replaces the need for fabric softener / dryer sheets
• Lifts and separates laundry while softening fabrics
• Reduces drying time, static cling and wrinkles
Kitchen Systems

ANTIBAC TEA TOWEL SET (towel & cloth) $22.99

• Super absorbent, and dries quickly
• The silver embedded in the fabric will kill bacteria left in the cloth after quick hand washing and rinsing
• Effectively removes moisture from surfaces
• Use to dry dishes and other surfaces


• Non-absorbent netted cloth
• Use with soap and water to wash dishes
• Extra scrubbing action removes caked on sticky residues

• Waffle weave microfiber used for wiping countertops, stoves, etc.
• Non-abrasive, durable and excellent for picking up grease
• Grey in colour, does not show stains

• Clean counters, cook tops, pots & pans - safe for Teflon and flat top stoves
• Use wet with cleaning paste for tough cleaning jobs
• Great as a veggie cloth

SPIRINETT (Pkg of 2) $4.50

• Use wet – rust proof, made of stainless steel
• Use on pots, pans, tiles, corning ware – not for Teflon
• To clean, rinse with water or put in dishwasher

• Use wet and scrub
• Safe for Teflon pans, indoor grills, porcelain, marble, granite, stove cook top
• Use on sinks or tubs (even rust spots)
• To clean, rinse with water or put in dishwasher


• Non-toxic dissolving sponge – use wet
• Removes crayons and scuffs off floors, baseboards etc.
• Cleans sinks, tubs, shower doors, patio furniture, rust spots


Biodegradable  odorless  non caustic
Preheat oven to 100
Spray to coat oven interior surface – safe on oven racks
Let stand 10 minutes, wipe with damp enviro
Great for any oven, Grill, BBQ and self cleaning ovens

• Phosphate-free, biodegradable highly concentrated
• Works well in hard water - low foam
• For use in top loading laundry machines
• Prevents mineral buildup by softening water
• Reduces the use of detergent by 50 to 70%
• Use in the lower rack of the dishwasher and eliminate the need for rinsing agents

Your Norwex Consultant

Personal Care Products

BODY PAK (3 large) $16.99
BABY BODY PAK (3 small) $14.99
• Facial cleansing & gentle exfoliation with just water
• Removes makeup incl. waterproof mascara
• Use for white/blackheads, bumps on arms etc
• The silver embedded in the fabric will kill bacteria left in the cloth after quick hand washing and rinsing


• Absorbs 70% of water from hair in 10 - 15 mins
• Time saver/less blow drying


• Hypoallergenic, odorless and non staining
• No chemicals or perfumes – made of mineral salt and glycerin
• For solid application, wet before each use
• Use under arms and on feet

TOOTHBRUSH (1 year) soft or medium $18.99

Refill (1 year) soft or medium $12.99
• Microfiber bristles give deep cleaning
• Prevents plaque build up
• Silver head sanitizes and kills bacteria between brushings
• Long lasting bristles

ORGANIC DAY CREAM (50ml) $37.99

• Certified organic by Eco-Cert
• An active cream to nourish and moisturize
• Medicinal plant extracts are anti-aging and are formulated to prevent wrinkles and loss of elasticity
• Will sooth irritated skin
• Offers protection from oxidative stresses


• Certified organic by Eco-Cert
• A rich moisturizer formulated with ostruthium extract to support the revitalization of mature skin
• Offers the same anti-aging and protective benefits of the organic day Cream


• Certified organic by Eco-Cert
• A soothing, all natural, and allergen-free
• Contains Aloe Vera, Wheat Germ and Olive Oils to nourish, heal, soothe, hydrate, and reduce inflammation
• Promotes skin regeneration, increases skin smoothness, promotes cell growth

• Certified organic by Eco-Cert
• Contains Swiss Alpine Botanicals
• Combats the look of wrinkles, promotes elasticity & skin vitality
• Apply once or twice per day under your moisturizer

Other Great Products
Mop and Cloth Hanger $39.99
Foam Soap $13.99
Foam Soap Refill $24.99
Hand Disinfectant $15.99
Super Jet Dishwasher Soap $13.99
Fresh Wash $26.99
Optic Cloth (with case) $8.50
Antibac Travel Pak $18.99
Antibacterial Envirotowel (suede) $24.99
Car Cloth $24.99
Antibac Pet Set (2 mitts, 1 Towel) $59.99
Large Bath Towel (100 x 50 cm) $21.99
Ex Large Bath Towel. (140 x 70 cm) $33.99
Microfiber Bath Mat $26.99
Antibac Sport Towel (99 x 50 cm) $33.99
Baby Hooded Towel Set $31.99
Microfiber Bathrobe (medium or large) $89.99
Microfiber Spa Socks $13.99
Body Glove $12.99
Loofah Pad $4.99
Foot Stone $12.99
Silver Care Dental Floss $8.99
Certified Organic Sea Salt Scrub $39.99
Certified Organic Shea Butter $25.99
Certified Organic Foot Gel $28.99
Certified Organic Herbs Cream $25.99
Certified Organic Enriched Hand Cream $19.99
Certified Organic Leg Cream $29.99
Certified Organic Body Lotion $34.99
Certified Organic Bath & Shower Gel $24.99
Certified Organic Shampoo $24.99
Certified Organic Conditioner $25.99

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